Hart  Sawmill  Services, Inc. is a lumber sawing service operating in Winston Salem, NC and surrounding communities.  We operate a portable bandsaw mill and can come to your location and turn your logs into lumber.  Have us mill your quality logs into boards or beams, usually for much less than the cost of similar material available at lumber yards or home centers .  Contact us for a no obligation consultation.  We’ll crunch some numbers and see if it makes sense for you to make lumber from your logs.

Don’t let good logs be wasted or burned when they can be turned into quality lumber for your next project. We do not cut down trees. Serving Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro,  High Point and Lexington, NC.

We do not charge for mileage in counties adjacent to Forsyth Co.

Urban Forestry                                    recycle

Urban forests are trees that were planted for shade  and ornamental value or trees that remain after a property is developed. Trees grown in an urban setting pose special hazards and risks to neighbors, homes and the sawyer. Trees can damage property or injure people if taken down improperly. Because many back yard trees contain metal such as nails, bullets, and other metal, careful evaluation should be conducted before milling. 

If you have a tree or trees that you think might yield some usable lumber or if the tree has some special meaning to you and you would like it made into a piece of furniture or cabinet, call me before you have it taken down.

Let’s develop a plan for your useful timber. Thousands of board feet of lumber are relegated to landfills, mulch and firewood instead of being sawed and turned into valuable lumber. 

Contact us at  336-837-8528 or dana@hartsawmill.com .

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